Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Stratford trips first round

The offer was made for me to join a group of students to a town in the UK called Stratford.  I obviously had to accept, whatever the duties of the trip might be!

If you, like me, have never heard of Stratford, perhaps you have heard of one of its most famous residents... William T. Shakespeare... yep the one and only Billy Shakespeare.

It has so far been a fairly quiet trip, if you can actually describe a trip with 90 kids that are age 10, as "quiet"!  In typical British fashion the weather oscillated between rain with gail force winds and sunshine.

I joked with the kids that it would be disappointing to visit and have sunshine and warm temperatures!  No one would believe they were ever here!

We walked the city and visited the theater he made so famous and saw many of the landmarks of the town.  We took public transportation... with 90 kids!  We stopped traffic no less than 10 times with a procession of kids crossing the street that felt more like a parade than a field trip and we managed to not lose any of them!  AMAZING!

Tomorrow, LONDON!

And I promise to include pictures.  I couldn't take any this time because the battery in my phone died and much to my surprise, Spain and the UK have different types of outlets... come on Europe, get your act together! :-) 

Also, I'm pretty sure I invented the middle initial in Shakespeare's name above.  Maybe I stoll it from Star Trek?

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