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"You MUST visit Segovia!", that is what my colleagues here said to me and so we piled in the car and headed off on what we thought would be an hour's drive to the hostel Don Jamie in Segovia.  We learned on that trip that it might be a good idea to have a GPS here... especially when you can't speak the language very well!  In the end, we had to agree that you absolutely MUST visit Segovia!

After about two and one-half hours and nearly decided to just call it quits and head home, we found out hostel and as hostels go, it was really nice in both amenities and location.  About a block away from our hostel was this:

It is an original Roman aqueduct.  It is a beautiful, and truly amazing structure!  There isn't any binding agent (mortar) to hold the blocks together and yet it has stood here for centuries!  For a long time we just stood in amazement of such an incredible structure that was erected in a time without cranes or modern equipment.
The grass sneaking through the ancient steps alongside the aqueduct made for a beautiful scene.
Me:  Violet stand right there so I can get a picture!
Violet:  Ugh, okay... 
I wanted to have a picture to show that there wasn't any mortar 

Oh, Hi Amanda... I didn't notice you here!  I was a little distracted by this structure that was built in 50 AD!!!  SO crazy!

So apparently this is a "famous" wall in Segovia but I have to say that I'm not sure what is so interesting about it after seeing the aqueduct.

It was still Christmas season so there were decorations out in full force.

The cathedral here reminded me of the one in Burgos but less Gothic.  BUT.......!
The Alcazar in Segovia is mythically known as the inspiration for Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty castle and I can see why!  Truthfully, there is also a mosque in Turkey that claims the same thing but... I haven't been to Turkey!  This place was really amazing at night and was worth a closer look the next day.  But, at this point of the night it was time for...
Tapas!!  I am addicted to the outdoor seating in the plazas here in Spain.  The kids can run and play while Amanda and I can enjoy some of the finer culinary offerings of Segovia.
And as luck would have it, there was a group of carolers on our walk back to the hostel.  Also, if you have never had chocolate caliente and freshly made churros, you MUST... it is nothing like "hot chocolate" in the states!
The Alcazar by daylight... and that is what I call a moat!
We had to pay extra to climb the "tower" and I was concerned that the kids couldn't do it but in the end, they were fine and....
... the 156 steps to the top were no problem at all.
A knight on horseback!  Kids loved it!
Clara!  Put that Down!!!
This was the dining table.
While I'm at it, I should mention that one of the really cultural interesting aspects of Spain is the confluence of both Christian and Islamic influences.  If you don't know much about Spanish history check it out because it is some interesting stuff.  Haha, that might actually be a bad site for a history lesson, I'm not sure.  I didn't read it!  I guess Cliff notes is too much for me!

I think we should focus on our ceilings more in the States because these are amazing!

They have cameras in some of these rooms so that if you touch something they will make an announcement yelling at you!  It happened to a woman who was in the this room (the "pineapple" ceiling room) with us.

Another "princess" bed.  This one was a little older than the one we saw a few weeks ago.
This is a record of the leaders in this region of Spain.  It is pretty creepy and cool all at once.

The Alcazar offered a lot of beautiful views of Segovia and the surrounding landscape.

I can not say why, but when I saw this disturbing photo I had to send it via text to my Mom!  Pretty gruesome really!

This is one of the Sleeping Beauty-style towers
Ugh!  I SO wanted to get to this garden but the best I could do is to look down at it from the level above.  It did make me wonder how they grew gardens like this and even whole trees when they are built on top of rock and stone!
The armory!!!  Cannons and all kinds of weapons of the age.

This crossbow was by far my favorite weapon of the collection.
The Alcazar had several of these open, interior courtyards.
Lost in the alcazar and starting to lose our MINDS!!

There is a nice park with a beautiful trail, just below the Alcazar and it makes for some great photos!

We had so much fun here and this trip was the beginning of us feeling at home here in Spain.  I was sad to leave Segovia, maybe we will make it back there before we head back to the States.

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