Monday, November 17, 2014

An evening stroll in Buitrago

On Saturday night we decided that the rainy evening would remind us of home so we put on some gear and went for a walk in the rain.  We were hoping that the castle walls would lit up and provide a nice photo op but they weren't. We still found some beautiful scenes nonetheless.
We can't help but appreciate the beauty of such a historic village and with the rain it certainly did make us feel at home.

This first pic is of the old cathedral in town, the front entrance is very striking.

The second pic is of the rain slicked cobblestone streets here.  It really makes you feel like you are in a different place in time.  I do see kids carry skateboards around though and I wonder where they use them?

3rd is a picture of the castle wall from the inside, where we found enough light for a picture.  I recently found out that the top of the wall is designed with gaps called crenelles and blocks of stone called merlons, they are the features that give the wall its distinctive "castle" appearance.  Here you can see the merlons illuminated in the darkness.

4th is the plaza de castilla (the castle plaza) and I liked the contrasting hue of the bluish mercury lights surrounding the distinctive color of a sodium light at the center of the plaza.  I could be wrong about the composition of the lights but either way I liked the colors and the way it reminded me of chemistry.

the last picture is my favorite for obvious reasons. :-)  Those are my girls walking ahead of me... best picture of the night.